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Videos From Laney Conference On The Attack On Public Education And Privatization

The Union Busting War Against The OEA and Oakland Public Education: A Report By Retired OEA Leader Jack Gerson


Jack Gerson, who retired teacher leader from the Oakland Education Association OEA and advocate for public education talks about the organized campaign to destroy public education in Oakland, California. The presentation was given at a United Public Workers For Action conference called The Attack On Public Education and Privatization and was held on January 22, 2012 at Laney College in Oakland. For more video on Gerson go to:


"Teacher Bashing Has To Stop" 
CTC Fired Lawyer Carroll on Conflicts Of Interests & Lobbyists


Whistleblower and Fired Commission On Teacher Credentials lawyerKathleen Carroll on 1/22/2012 made a presentation on Conflicts Of Interest, Lobbyists & Privatization Of California Public Education. 
For further video on Kathleen Carroll go to:


Capitalism And The Attack On Public Education In California With Professor George Wright


Professor George Wright from Skyline Community College who is also a member of AFT 1493 puts historical context into the present privatization and destruction of public education. He also looks at how capitalism in the post war period has driven the present crisis. George Wright is also on the Steering Committed of United Public Workers For Action which hosted the conference. It was held on January 22, 2012 at Laney College in Oakland.

A more complete document is at


"Exporting Our Brains" The Privatization And Sell-off Of UC With Historian Gray Breckin


Author and historian Gray Brechin reports on the organized selling off of the University Libraries and the export of brains. According toBrechin, this plan is  to make  the UC a privatized corporation for billionaire regents and the corporations. 
Brechin outlines the history of UC and how the now rapid push for profits through privatization threatensa great public university built over generations by the people in California.


Mickey Huff Of Project Censored On The Media And The Media & The Attack On Public Education


Mickey Huff, a professor at Diablo Valley College and director of Project Censored as well as a co-host of the KPFA Project Censored show gave a report on the media coverage and framing of charters and privatization.


Corporate Shills, Propaganda And The Media Agenda For Education Privatization with Adam Bessie


Adam Bessie, professor at Diablo Valley College and media expert on education and privatization looks at how the billionaires and their corporate media agenda shape the debate around education and privatization.
This was presented at a conference on 1/22/2012 titled The Attack On Public Education and Privatization which was sponsored by United Public Workers For Action


Education Equality, Civil Rights & The Schools 
With Child Clinical Psychologist Margarita Parreno


Clinical child psychologist Margarita Parreno who worked for the Santa Clara County School District was in charge of oversight of the bilingual and disabled students in the districts she supervised. She found that there was systemic discrimination against bilingual students and disabled students and reported that to the school boards and other government agencies as well as her union the CTA.
Instead of the agencies dealing with these inequities she as targeted by management and retaliated against for doing her job. She was eventually fired and is still fighting for her job. 


The California Teachers Association CTA & Charters With Mary Flanagan UTR


Teacher Mary Flanagan who is a  member of the United Teachers of Richmond reports on the negotiations at the West Contra Costa Unified School District and the role of the CTA state officials and staff in pushing the district to become an entire charter district controlled by Chevron oil company. She also discusses the affect of charters in her school where the charters are helping to destroy public education. 


These presentations took place at a conference on January 22, 2012 sponsored byUnited Public Workers For Action and titled The Attack On Public Educationand Privatization.

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