United Public Workers for Action

Stop Workplace Bullying Rally And Speak-out

October is the annual commemoration of Stop Workplace Bullying Week

Time: Monday October 17, 2016 5:00 PM
Where: San Francisco City Hall Polk St. Entrance

Workers and advocates for health and safety on the job will join together at San Francisco city hall to speak out against workplace bullying. There is an epidemic of workplace bullying in the United States causing injuries to workers, their families, co-workers as well as the public. Workplace bullying is creating unsafe workplaces and a toxic environment for all workers. We need to educate ourselves and the public to stop workplace bullying including legislation to make it illegal, an education campaign in the workplace and actions against bullies when management will not reign them in for re-training or discipline. Workplace bullying also is a growing cause of workers compensation for mental and physical distress and is sometimes costing the lives of workers who are bullied.
In the City and County of San Francisco has had to pay out tens millions of tax dollars in compensation to whistleblowers who have been bullied for exposing financial mismanagement, corruption and cronyism. Many of these workers put their careers and their jobs in jeopardy because they were conscience and wanted to do their jobs.
Workers should not have to put up with an unsafe work environment that threatens their health and safety.

This rally will hear about what workplace bullying, who is doing it and how to stop it. Only our collective action can really put an end to this terror on the job.

Sponsored by:
SEIU 1021 San Francisco COPE
Stop Workplace Bullying Group
United Public Workers For Action
Injured Workers National Network

If you would like to speak please contact
(925) 437-0593

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