United Public Workers for Action

Press Conference At World Headquarters of Wells Fargo
Jail The Bankers NOW At Wells Fargo-They Are Not Too Big To Nail!

Expropriate the Bank and Make It A Public Bank For working people and the public and not the criminal profiteers

Press Conference and Rally
Wednesday October 26, 2016 4:30 PM
Wells Fargo World Corporate Headquarters
420 Montgomery St near Sacramento St.
San Francisco

The massive criminal enterprise of Wells Fargo Executive and owners to bully workers to illegally open up accounts on their customers and then bilk them of fees has been exposed in hearings yet the US Justice Department refuses to file criminal charges. Coercing workers to commit criminal fraud is a crime that could not only be prosecuted by the US Justice Department but Attorney General Kamala Harris and District Attorney Gascon yet all these enforcement officials have been MIA until recently.
At the same time US Secretary of Labor Tom Perez and Federal OSHA chief David Micheals refused to investigate complaints about retaliation against Wells Fargo workers who refused to violate the banking laws and illegally open accounts. They went to OSHA and the DOL and the managers refused to allow investigation and prosecutions and/or referrals to other agencies for prosecution. This was a further example that these government agencies which are supposed to protect workers and the public have been captured by the companies like Wells Fargo which they are supposed to regulate.
Former US attorney general Eric Holder said that some companies are too big to nail and apparently that applies to Wells Fargo which is the 4th largest bank in the United States. At the same time the State of California has broken financial ties to Wells Fargo as well as other governments around the state yet Mayor Ed Lee, the SF Supervisors and the San Francisco Pension Board continue to do business with Wells Fargo bank despite it's criminal activity.
The people of San Francisco and California deserve a public bank run by working people and the community. The bank should be seized, the executives jailed and it should be made a public bank that will work for the people and not profits for the billionaires.
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