United Public Workers for Action

Twitter BART Workers Support Rally

How Many More Billionaires Do We Need In San Francisco?

Date: Thursday, October 3, 2013 5:00 PM
At: Twitter HQ - 1355 Market St. San Francisco

While SF Mayor Ed Lee and the corporate controlled politicians give multi-million dollar subsidies to corporations like Twitter, Ellison and other tech companies, he and the BART Board of Directors are telling BART workers they have to take pay cuts and austerity. They have brought in Thomas P. Hock from Veolia Transportation at $400,000 to help bust the unions as he has done throughout the US and his company has done around the world. They also impose apartheid bus routes in the West Bank for big profits.



Its time to make the corporations, millionaires and billionaires in San Francisco pay for public transit and public services. We demand an end to the tax subsidies for Twitter, the corporations and developers in downtown San Francisco. We demand a transit tax to fund BART, MUNI and to lower the fare for working people and the poor and paid for by these twitter and vulture capitalist speculators. The Hearst owned SF Chronicle wants anti-strike legislation while making tens of millions on property speculation while driving working people and the poor out of San Francisco. Its time to let the Twittery know enough is enough!

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