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Time: Tuesday, February 20, 2016 12:00 Noon
Where: City College of San Francisco, Science Building, room 200

Public education is under attack from City College in San Francico to the CSU and public schools that are battling charter privatization. Billions of dol- lars have been spent by the super wealthy to attack teachers scapegoating them for the crisis in education, while pushing privatization in every school and college district and public university in the country. Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, the Gates, Broad, KIPP and the Walton Foundation owned by the Walmart family are firmly implanted in California education and throughout the country. Top government officials get funds from them and help implement their political agenda. They are electing privatizers to school boards throughout the state and the politicians are appointing privatizers to the California Board of Education.

This forum will look at how the privatizers are attacking unions and working people, and how workers and our unions can go on the offensive. We will discuss the statewide initiative to repeal California charter laws and how this initiative can be used to challenge the further privatization of public education. The California charter school laws were passed in 1992 and now the supporters of charters are seeking to take over entire school districts. Also religious cults are using the charter laws to set up religious charter schools threatening secular education in California and charters are re-segregating the schools.

SFSU and other CSU CFA faculty may be going on strike for a contract. CCSF AFT2121 also has no contract, and the administration is implementing a 26% cut in classes and staff. It is time to unite all ed- ucation workers, students and supporters of public education throughout the state, and act collectively including the demand for making the billionaires pay for free public education in California.

Public worker unions have over a million members in California, and we need to look at how we can build a real education political campaign to stop the onslaught of union busting and attacks on public workers.

Kathy Carroll - Public Education Advocate And Lawyer Whistleblower at the CA CTC
Professor Bob Price - CCSF , AFT 2121 delegate to SF Labor Council
Brian Crowell - BFT delegate to CFT Convention
Representative of Puerto Rican Teachers Union FMPR And Lessons On The Fight Against Charters
Kristyn Jones - UTR Executive Board Member
Dr. George Wright - AFT 1493 Retired Skyline Community College and Chico State College CFA, UPWA
Mehmet Bayran - Journalist On Turkey Education Privatization and Repression of Kurdish and Turkey Teachers


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