United Public Workers for Action

Solidarity Education Meeting For East Bay Teachers
How To Defend Public Education,
Stop Union Busting & Charters

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Time: Saturday, February 6, 2016 3:00 PM
Where: Richmond Public Library, Community Room

The richest billionaires in the world are funding a campaign to privatize the entire education system in the US. These privatizers are also funding pro-charter advocates in Boards of Education and placing their supporters throughout the education management system in California.

They are targeting public schools in predominantly low-income minority areas and closing community schools due to false claims of low enrollment. They are also using “Co-location” and “Common Enrollment” as schemes to bust up public schools. The privately run charters have an unfair application processes that reject students with special needs, English language learners, or students with low test scores, and they cherry pick the students that will do good on the “common core” testing system which is being pushed by Pearson, the Walton Foundation, Broad Foundation, Gates Foundation and KIPP Foundation.

The Charter School Act was passed in the state of California in 1992 and since its passage, we have seen rampant fraud, embezzlement of public education funds, bribery, enrollment fraud, conflicts of interest between the charter school industry and government officials and re-segregation of student populations.

The growing disparity of public education funding and resources between those in lower income areas versus more affluent areas is beginning to resemble the era when Jim Crow laws existed and separate but equal was OK. Using the charter school laws, religious cults like the Gulen Magnolia school chain have received hundreds of millions of dollars and imported Turkish teachers to staff their privately run charter schools and allowing systemic corruption and looting of our public school funds.

Public school teachers at poor working class and minority schools are scapegoated for lack of resources while the rich including owners of testing companies like Pearson and computer tech companies reap billions in sales to school districts and the use of public funds for charter schools while funding for special needs and low income schools are siphoned off.

The California Charter Association funded by the billionaires has spent millions of dollars to oppose unionization of charter schools and have fought to prevent education workers at charter schools from having the protections provided public schools.

We will discuss how to unite all teachers and community in the East Bay and the State and organize to support public education. We will discuss the statewide initiative to repeal California Charter law passed in 1992 and how we can educate the public about the ongoing destruction of public education by those who want to profit from education “reform”.

Sponsored by Education Workers For Public Education, United Public Workers For Action (UPWA.info)
For information (510) 506-4493 or (415)282-1908)