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Stop Mayor Ed Lee’s Attacks on SF Muni Drivers and Mechanics!
Defend The Right To Strike-Sick Of Union Busting
Stop Subsidies for Twitter & Google Tech Busses

SF Muni TWU 250 drivers & mechanics are under attack by Mayor Ed Lee and the MTA bosses who want to cut their pay by a massive increase in their pensions costs. Muni drivers have lost real income in the past five years and now the billionaires who run San Francisco are telling them through Mayor Ed Lee, they have to take real pay cuts. Driver and Mechanics cannot afford to live in San Francisco and commute many hours just to come to work.
MTA bosses are also firing OSHA whistleblowers and bullying SF Muni workers like Dorian Maxwell, who along with other drivers, fought for toilet facilities and safe busses and trains.
Mayor Ed Lee and former Mayor and Gavin Newsom pushed Proposition G with former supervisor Elsbernd, which took away the right to bargain on working conditions, and they have attacked MUNI drivers while supporting subsidies for Twitter and other billion dollar Tech corporations. Sean Elsbernd’s wife Jennifer Johnson is now CEO of the Civil Service Commission and is continuing the attack on public workers.
The same attacks are going on against SF UESF teachers. Jerry Brown and SFUSD superintendent Richard Carranza are telling teachers, para-professionals and other education workers that they cannot have a raise after years of pay cuts because they have to pay more for pensions. The entire labor movement needs to take on these union busters who are attacking all public workers and want to make workers pay for this crisis.
We need a democratic workers party that will start to represent working people and not the billionaires in San Francisco.
This is also connected with the efforts of Mayor Ed Lee and the billionaires to have more regressive taxes on the people of San Francisco rather than a transit tax on the developers, billionaires and property speculators who are making massive profits on downtown property.
Lets make San Francisco’s 27 billionaires pay for the pensions and implement a transit tax on downtown businesses who benefit from public transportation and use these funds for a modern public transit system and free fares.
Defend the Right To Strike, Sick of Union Busting
Democrats Out, Labor Party Now
United Public Workers For Action www.upwa.info    6/2/14