United Public Workers for Action

Public Forum

SF MTA Muni Workers, Union Busting
And The Right To Strike
Transit/Public Workers Under Attack

Saturday June 28, 2014 1:30 PM
Latino Room, Lower Level
San Francisco Main Library
100 Larkin St. Market Near Civic Center BART

San Francisco TWU 250 A transit workers and mechanics are under a vicious attack by the MTA management and Mayor Ed Lee. Proposition G passed with the support of Democratic party politicians like Scott Wiener, former mayor Gavin Newsom and present mayor Ed Lee is aimed at destroying the power of the transit workers.

Transit workers have faced speed-ups and have to fight to use a bathroom. Workers like Dorian Maxwell, who complain to OSHA about health and safety problems are illegally fired by MTA management and Mayor Ed Lee.

Now the MTA and the Mayor are demanding real wage cuts after a three year wage freeze. There is an epidemic of workplace bullying against the drivers and mechanics by MTA management to terrorize and intimidate the workforce.

This is coming after the number of billionaires in San Francisco has reached 27 yet transit workers are told they have to take pay cuts with hostile work conditions. This is what provoked the sick-out at the beginning of the month.

This forum will discuss what is happening at the MTA and what transit and all workers can do about these increasing assaults including building a media information campaign to unite all working people.

Speakers, Discussion and Planning To Fight Back
And Defend Transit Workers/Public Workers and Public Services

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