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SF Rally Stop Terrorizing SFMTA TWU 250 A Drivers-Defend Driver Carla Ramero Attacked By Motorist And SF MTA Which Refuses To Release Video Tape

Time: Friday, August 19, 2016, 12:00 Noon
Where: SF MTA Headquarters Van Ness And Market St. San Francisco

Carla Ramero, a SFMTA TWU 250A driver was physically attacked on the job by an irate motorist. Instead of defending the driver, the SF MTA management are setting her up to be fired. This is not the first time that the SF MTA management have helped target, bully and retaliate against workers at the agency. These managers are refusing to release the video tape of the incident despite the fact that this is important evidence in the defense of Romero.
Even the SF police department have released videos of deadly incidents yet apparently the SFMTA managers and Ed Lee's hand picked commission don't think the public are entitled to this information. SF MTA 250 A driver and OSHA whistleblower Dorian Maxwell as well was also another worker who was framed up by the agency after he exposed serious health and safety OSHA issues at the SF MTA. Dorian had to get a Sunshine Commission order for the video tape which vindicated him against the SF MTA management frame-up scheme. He was also illegally fired by the SFMTA and was ordered back to work by the California Labor Commissioner but Mayor Ed Lee's MTA bosses are still refusing to abide by the order to put him back to work.
We need to stand up for SF MTA 250A drivers and all public workers who are scapegoated and blamed for the increasingly dangerous health and safety conditions on the job. Protecting the public means protecting the public workers, whistleblowers and workers like Ramero who are hung out to dry instead of being defended by SF MTA management.

Dorian Maxwell and other defenders of health and safety and transparency will attend the press conference.

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