United Public Workers for Action

Press Conference At SF Russian Consulate
Stop Bashing Russia And The Drive Toward World War REOPEN The SF Consulate NOW!

When: Friday September 8, 2017 12:00 noon
Place: San Francisco Russian Consulate
2790 Green St., San Francisco

The Trump administration closure of the San Francisco Consulate is another stop toward world war with Russia, China and other countries of the world. The US government is now demanding that the consulate be sold which means a long-term end to any Russian consulate in San Francisco. This effort to demonize Russia and the Russian people by both the Democrats and Republicans is an effort to whip up an an anti-Russian hysteria and avert the attention of the American people from the US role in overturning the government of Ukraine, supporting and training neo-Nazis and also seeking to surround not only Russia but China linking us closer to a nuclear war with Russia and China.
This press conference will demand the reopening of the consulate and also demanding an end to militarization and war moves by the United States toward Russia, China and North Korea. The growing adventurism and increasing militarization of the United States in the midst of a deepening economic and political decline of the US is a threat to not only the American people but also the entire world.
While the US has spent trillions of tax dollars on wars in the Middle East and expands the military budget in the US, millions of American workers and their families cannot afford to pay their rent, get healthcare and any stability in their jobs as the Trump administration severely attacks OSHA, the EPA and other programs that protect not only US workers by the American people.
We call for the re-opening of the Consulate and an end to the Russia bashing and militarization of the US.

Initiated by
United Public Workers For Action
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