United Public Workers for Action

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The Attack On Public Education
And Privatization

January 22 (Sunday), 2012, 10:00 AM -5:00 PM (Free)
Laney Theater, Laney Community College 
900 Fallon Street, Oakland, CA 94607

There is a national systemic organized plan for the total privatization of public education through the use of multi-billionaire supported non-profits such as the Gates Foundation, Broad Foundation and the KIPP Foundation to place paid lobbyists into governmental positions on school boards and other government agencies. 

At the same time, the privatization of the University of California and the CSU system through corporate regents and trustees who are profiting from these public institutions is a growing scandal. 

This conference will look at how the destruction of public education is taking   place in California, who is doing it and how to stop it and defend the right to a public education for all working people. 


(Tentative Schedule) 

Introduction and welcome: (10:00 AM) 
(Music by Angry Tired Teachers (AT&T)-Andy Knight and Students) 

Morning Session: 

Attack On Public Education And Privatization 
• Attack On Oakland Public Schools, the Charters and Labor by Jack Gerson (OEA Retired)  Cecily Myart-Cruz, UTLA West Area Chair-NEA/Emerson Middle Schools (invited) 

• Privatization And Potential Criminal Activities of the privatization operatives. Fired Commission On Teacher Credentials  Attorney and Whistleblower Kathleen Carroll on unethical or potential criminal conflicts. 

• How privatization is affecting students and parents, Michael Lopez whose children go to Kipp Hartwood Academy Elementary School. 

Lunch Break: (12:30 PM) 

Poetry, Art and Skit about the crisis facing education for profit 

Afternoon Session: (1:30 PM) 

The Attacks On Higher Education 
• The attack on UC, CSU and Community Colleges with George Wright, professor Skyline College AFT 1493. 

• Privatization, Outsourcing the University and The Destruction of Academia with Dr. Gray Brechin

• The Plan To Destroy The Community College System, speakers From UC and CSU, SEIU. 

• Militarization of UC-CSU Education and the Police Repression. 

• Debt of Students, the Banks and the government Cancel debt. 

• Where is the Money- Report by Peter Mathews Professor Cypress Community College, author of Oil Extraction Tax Initiative To Fund Education and others. 


Endorsed by United Public Workers For Action UPWA, Rescue Education California, KPFA, Project Censored, Labor Video Project, Jack Gerson OEA retired, Mary Flanagan UTR and others. 

For information call (916) 402-8672, (415) 828-1908, E-mail: info@upwa.info